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This world don't make no sense anymore
and I am at the edge of fleeing this storm
Pack up my bags and leave this place
Make no mistake
I'll leave this place
Where freedom has an asterisk
Why should freedom have an asterisk?
I would like to propose a radical idea
Let me be as I be
Let people gather where they gather
Let them believe what they believe
We don't need your corrupt system
We don't need you to make any more bleed
We may have given you power
but we will starve you like cattle without feed
This infrastructure will fall
This world don't make not sense anymore
How can something so simple be torn?
Never before have we allowed such a grey area in human rights
Get out of my life
(Let me make a call to just one person, not you too)
You know its not right
I hope one day you will be locked in a cell
locked away
You selfish gains will fade in pain
We are not dead; We are waking
Tides are turning
Hold on tightly
This ship will shake it is our fate
This ship will shake with love
and if we fail they'll have a tale of a crew who stood for love
This world don't make sense anymore
We have come so far
raising the bar
Where did we slip?
Where did we trip
We can come back
fixing our path
We can come back


from Insurrection, released March 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Quake Illinois

Metal band from Chicago, IL.

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