Behind These Words

from by Quake



Your eyes are glazed with static
Your mind is turned off
As water slowly tears through stone
Those shoes have dug a trench
All that can be said for that accomplishment
is at least we had no stress
but cashier at 35 for a man like you
is a little bit of an embarrassment
Complacency is far from fertile soil
so i hope you weren't thinking you would grow
you are far to young for this intra-renaissance
Its not as if your setting things straight
getting back on path a bit late
You have never changed for the better
You have always stayed the same
Life can be so simple with no cause or direction
but it's also so empty
If opportunity was so comfortable
everyone would be successful
I hope you know
these are things I am not exactly happy to be sharing
I can only trust
that you can see past the judgment and into the truth
Behind these words
Sometimes whats right just isn't what we want to hear
For just this once lets put aside our youthful rebellion
We can still make something fruitful out of this life.


from Insurrection, released March 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Quake Illinois

Metal band from Chicago, IL.

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