by Quake

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released March 3, 2015

James McHenry - Recording and Production
Thomas Evans - Mixing and Mastering
César Adrian - Album Artwork
All lyrics are written by Andrew Grosch
All music is written and performed by Quake

Quake is:
Andrew Grosch: - Vocals
James McHenry - Guitar
Claire Zhang - Guitar
Jayce Nall - Bass
Michael Teper - Drums



all rights reserved


Quake Illinois

Metal band from Chicago, IL.

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Track Name: Counter Production
Day by day
Sounded by an aura
Of indifference
People passing by each with their stories to tell
Scars to show
Places to go
Thousands of people
Driving by
and I don't care whether they live or die
How dare I
dehumanize someone just because
I don't know their name (know their name)
Have headlines made me so desensitized
That any more is but overflow
Spilling out into nothingness
I don't want to be so detached
that I need lighters and blades just to feel again
All I want is to be receptive to the people I don't know yet
Every stranger bleeds just as red as I do
so why should they be treated as any less than family
We are not all that different
Our views may conflict
but like two notes we play our part

People make up the best and worst of this world
We are making our opposition
Suffer just like the victims we fight for
This is counter production at its finest.
Track Name: The Divide
Look at the pretty faces
We stand around as we watch them drown
Just watch that screen its your favorite team
There's so much need but there's too much greed
and no one's got time to plant the seed
If you lend a hand, you could shake the land
but no one's got time
Giving hearts could change the world
We can agree kids don't belong in bus stops, spending the night inside a place where fear knocks
We have to kill the mindset
The problem is too big for me
One times many is many more than unrest can afford
The issue's waiting at the door
but we're ready for war
How I wish this could be our mantra
We are glued, to gossip and good times
It doesn't take much to change it all
Why must we do nothing
We may feel happy
But we'll never truly be fulfilled
Generosity reside in me
Displace my gaze that I might see
Not whats above but what's below
I'm not that fast but I'm far from slow
Displace my gaze that I might see
There's so much need but too much greed
but no one's got time to plant the seed
If you lend a hand, you could shake the land, but no one's got time
(set my eyes)
Not whats above, but whats below, i'm not that fast but i'm far from slow
Displace my gaze, that I might see
Track Name: Behind These Words
Your eyes are glazed with static
Your mind is turned off
As water slowly tears through stone
Those shoes have dug a trench
All that can be said for that accomplishment
is at least we had no stress
but cashier at 35 for a man like you
is a little bit of an embarrassment
Complacency is far from fertile soil
so i hope you weren't thinking you would grow
you are far to young for this intra-renaissance
Its not as if your setting things straight
getting back on path a bit late
You have never changed for the better
You have always stayed the same
Life can be so simple with no cause or direction
but it's also so empty
If opportunity was so comfortable
everyone would be successful
I hope you know
these are things I am not exactly happy to be sharing
I can only trust
that you can see past the judgment and into the truth
Behind these words
Sometimes whats right just isn't what we want to hear
For just this once lets put aside our youthful rebellion
We can still make something fruitful out of this life.
Track Name: Stage Graves
I always thought that some things were certain
but lately i feel like the only certain is uncertainty
Well I guess that's because I don't have any real control
so now I've learned to sit back and just enjoy the show
A leaf on top the water
at the mercy of the wind and waves
Please tell me there's a potter cause we're marching to our graves
I remember when I discovered promises were just words
Just words they say when they want the let down
Just a few stories higher
Just a little drier makes me wanna take a trip to my supplier
But it doesn't have to come to that
After all how could a leaf in a stream burn?
No matter what is going on hold on
Just a little bit longer you will not be broken
Track Name: Revolt
This world don't make no sense anymore
and I am at the edge of fleeing this storm
Pack up my bags and leave this place
Make no mistake
I'll leave this place
Where freedom has an asterisk
Why should freedom have an asterisk?
I would like to propose a radical idea
Let me be as I be
Let people gather where they gather
Let them believe what they believe
We don't need your corrupt system
We don't need you to make any more bleed
We may have given you power
but we will starve you like cattle without feed
This infrastructure will fall
This world don't make not sense anymore
How can something so simple be torn?
Never before have we allowed such a grey area in human rights
Get out of my life
(Let me make a call to just one person, not you too)
You know its not right
I hope one day you will be locked in a cell
locked away
You selfish gains will fade in pain
We are not dead; We are waking
Tides are turning
Hold on tightly
This ship will shake it is our fate
This ship will shake with love
and if we fail they'll have a tale of a crew who stood for love
This world don't make sense anymore
We have come so far
raising the bar
Where did we slip?
Where did we trip
We can come back
fixing our path
We can come back